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February 08 2015


Portland Junk yard

Portland Junk yard
Do you have an old, wrecked, unwanted, salvage or burned truck, SUV, van or car? AbesAutoRemoval.com will buy it. It doesn't matter what year, make or model it is. With years of experience in crap car company we can remove your car in Portland and throughout the states of Oregon and Washington. We are an honest, professional firm, and our auto removal service is fast and courteous.

Auto Removal Portland
Call us today for a quote over the telephone and get money on your crap car within hours. Don't even pay for towing. That's on us! When we pick your car we will pay you cash. You can however opt in for a check or money order.

It could take anywhere from one hour to pick up your car in most of our service areas. Even if you don't have your keys, if your car burned down, or if it has already been partly scraped, we'll purchase your junk vehicle, since we will actually sell it, recycle it or scrape it.

About Abe's Auto Removal in Portland, Oregon

Abe's Auto Removal is your number one choice for buying and selling junk cars. We've among the peak pay rate in the market. If it can be towed, we will buy it! Make sure you choose a cash for junk cars in Florida company based on the services we offer, including advice as of paperwork free towing,, top money on your car, etcetera. 15 years back us up!

How can it work?

Begin by calling one of our rubbish cars for cash specialists. He will ask you a few questions on your own own car, damage, make, model, and its year, and within a couple of minutes he will offer you an estimate, the greatest in the market. We won't request tons of advice since we honor your privacy. You could also choose to send us an e-mail or fill our contact form and we will get back to you.

We will schedule a time and place to pick up your vehicle, SUV, van or truck, should you take our offer. Same day pick-up is available, most time within several hours. Being backed by thousands of satisfied customers, we guarantee a hassle-free experience. While we work with individuals, if you are a corporation we may also buy your crap automobiles.

Cash on your Junk Car

You may get cash now for your Junk Car. Even if you don't have your title, generally that will not be a problem if you have your permit and vehicle registration. Abe's Auto Removal will help you outside decide if you have a garage and a renter abandoned his automobile, or the best way to carry on in this and other cases, for example abandoned cars in a property purchased by you. Typically you may get cash for your abandoned automobile today. We buy both, domestic and imported cars.

Your Junk Car Removal

Call us, 503-941-0996. You can also find Abe's Vehicle Removal.com on SuperPages, Yellow Pages, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and even take a look at our reviews, advertisements and featured listings on Craigslist, BackPage.com, Yelp, and several others where you are able to locate our junk yard locations in the event you had rather see us.

As soon as you consent to the quote, our friendly towing professionals will meet with you, review your documentation and pay you for your junk car. They'll then supply directions as cancelling your insurance. The transaction and towing takes just a couple of minutes, without you needing to be with the car and if you are on the go, we can arrange pickup. Towing service is free for junk cars!

The best crap car for cash alternative

Click on the reviews and ratings within our website and see why US Junk Cars could be the best choice. Weather we buy your junk car for recycling or scraping, we are only the finest in America. Can you still have questions? We now have a FAQ section that will clear any and all doubts. Worried? Abe's Auto Removal is a Green Company. As a responsible company, you can see our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You safety and full satisfaction is our priority.

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